Survival Cantonese for Non-Chinese-speaking Faculty Level 1

Co-ordinator: Crystal Chan
Crystal Chan

Course Description

This is a one-semester Level 1 Cantonese course for non-Chinese-speaking faculty. With a focus on speaking and listening skills, the course aims at building participants’ proficiency and confidence in using Cantonese for daily communication as well as a fast integration into the local culture. Through a communicative and functional approach, and the use of interactive activities and online learning, the course will help participants to acquire vocabulary and basic structures for use in real-life situations.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Participants will develop the ability to use Cantonese to communicate appropriately and effectively. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • converse in Cantonese in everyday situations;
  • use a range of Cantonese vocabulary appropriately;
  • learn about elements of Hong Kong culture;
  • acquire knowledge of the Cantonese phonological and tonal systems.

Course Contents

  • Greeting and getting to know each other
  • Talking about self and work
  • Making appointments
  • Going places
  • Talking about likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies
  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Asking for prices and bargaining
  • Introduction to common Cantonese slang
  • Basic knowledge of Cantonese sounds and tones

Delivery Mode

  • Face-to-face in class teaching and learning
  • Online tutorials for independent study
  • One-on-one pronunciation/speaking advising


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Course Instructor

Crystal Chan

Course Materials

Course materials will be provided by the Center for Language Education.

Supplementary Resources