Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students II

Spring 2017 (3 credits)

Students who would like to enroll in this course in the Fall Semester 2017 must attend a placement interview. Click here for details . For enquiries, please email

LANG1121 is a continuation of LANG1120, a level-one Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) course designed for non-Chinese language background students. Students who would like to take LANG1121 are required to complete the prerequisite of LANG1120 or the equivalence to LANG1120.

Objectives and Contents Expand


As a continuation of LANG1120, this course aims to further enhance students’ reading, speaking and listening abilities in Mandarin Chinese, with a particular focus on oral communication.

Students will learn:

  • to make appropriate comments for social purposes such as talking about the weather, etc.;
  • to make appropriate expressions when asking for and giving permission and advice;
  • to acquire the knowledge of basic Mandarin Chinese grammar;
  • to recognize most frequently used Chinese characters in daily context;
  • to write simple messages by using the Chinese system of computer; and
  • to understand the common elements of Chinese culture.


The topics include:

  • making personal comments;
  • talking about personal feelings;
  • talking about past experiences;
  • talking about future plans;
  • talking about various abilities;
  • asking and giving advice; and
  • asking and giving directions.

Course Schedule Expand

Unit 1 Weeks 1一4
Lesson 1 – Beijing is much colder than Hong Kong.
Lesson 2 – I think the autumn in Beijing is the most beautiful.
Lesson 3 – I haven’t been to the Great Wall.
Lesson 4 – I was climbing up the Great Wall.
Assessment 1
Unit 2 Weeks 5一9
Lesson 5 – How would you like to go to Shanghai?
Lesson 6 – How can I get to the youth hostel?
Lesson 7 – Is Guilin far from Hong Kong?
Assessment 2
Unit 3 Weeks 10一13
Lesson 8 – I can speak some Chinese.
Lesson 9 – You can’t give a clock as a present.
Lesson10 – We will go to the beach to have a BBQ.
Assessment 3

Assessment Summary Expand

Assessment 1 – oral
– listening
– pronunciation (1)
Assessment 2 – oral
– listening
– pronunciation (2)
Assessment 3 – oral
– character recognition
– grammar
– writing a short memo
Total 100%

Attendance Expand

In line with general University guidelines, the Center for Language Education’s official minimum attendance requirement for LANG courses is 80% (inclusive of the Add/Drop period). If you miss 20% of classes or more, you will fail the course.

NB: Frequent lateness has a negative impact on the final grade.

Instructors Expand

Co-ordinator: ZHOU TONG
Instructor: ZHOU TONG

Course Materials

Pronunciation exercises

Chinese Character Study