Foundation in Listening and Speaking for Postgraduate Students

Spring 2018 (1 credit)

Course Description

For students who have not yet fulfilled the English language requirement of the University only. This course addresses the immediate linguistic needs of newly-arrived postgraduate research students. It is designed to raise their English language proficiency level, thus making it possible for them to cope with the linguistic demands of everyday oral communication in an English-medium university. Exclusion: LANG 5001

Objectives and Content 

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students should show progress in their ability to:

  1. Participate adequately in social and academic exchange with a positive, international outlook
  2. Demonstrate accurate control of sentence forms and a range of complex structures
  3. Discuss familiar topics with development and coherence, a range of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy, and comprehensible pronunciation
  4. Engage in independent and cooperative learning and practice

RPG Workshops

RPG Workshops are workshops conducted by the Center for Language Education for the Research Postgraduates (RPGs) of HKUST, to complement the regular courses we offer. The workshops are focused and practical, designed to allow ample time for both input and practice tasks for participants to improve their language skills according to their felt needs and interests.

These workshops are open to all RPG students, and you can enroll in all, or any one, or any combination, of the workshops (even while you are currently enrolled in Lang 5000). Register now as spaces are limited!

Pronunciation workshops for PG students

These workshops conducted by the Center for Language Education are for small groups of PG students only and are a complement to the regular courses we offer. Students are expected to practice regularly if they wish to see any improvement, and to attend several follow-up workshops. Students will be informed in advance when and how they can enroll. All enrollments must be done online.

Discussion practice through i-Lang with ‘Chit-chat’

i-Lang offers small group discussion sessions for PG students only. Enrollments must be made online and students will be informed in advance when and how they can enroll.