adidas Yeezy Boost Europe Release

The adidas Yeezy Boost has sold-out everywhere in the states, but before we look forward to the next adidas Yeezy release European sneakerheads will have another chance to cop the highly demanded Yeezy Boost.


The product will be officially launched in-store and online at Foot Locker EU on Thursday, March 26th, 2015. However to make sure the sale of the products in store proceeds smoothly, Foot Locker has organized a pre-registration on Wednesday March 25th at the selected stores. For more information on how to register click here.

  • CJWatson

    All the hype for some fucking women’s snow booty my daughter’s thought they were girls winter boots adidas should burn all those ugly ass shits

    • PumpKing

      You know what man, my girl actually asked me if these would keep her feet warm in winter oand if they were waterproof, kanye could of made anything with this shoe and he chose this 😐