HKUST Toastmasters Club produced educational videos for members and the general public to learn various aspects of public speaking.

Basic speech crafting:

How to organize a speech

How to tell stories in a speech

How to use vivid language in a speech

How to use vocal variety in a speech

How to use body language in a speech

How to handle impromptu speeches

How to evaluate



Master trainer on storytelling:

Storytelling – Key to success

Inspirations for memorable stories


Advanced speech crafting – What experts say:

Organization a speech


Sound bites and vivid language in a speech

Using theatrics in a speech

Handling impromptu speeches


World-class speaker on speech crafting:

Preparations for speeches

Inspirations for speeches

Advice on speech crafting

Overcoming stage fright

Impromptu speeches


Making speeches memorable


Professional emceeing:

Qualities for emcee

Path to professional emcee


Mediator on conflict resolution:

Conflict resolution

Conflicts in the workplace

Conflict resolution techniques


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