Undergraduate Students

English Curriculum

All undergraduate (UG) students are required to complete 12 credits of English so that you are equipped with adequate English for successful completion of your studies. You are required to complete the English Common Core Courses, school-based English courses and department-based English courses.

To discuss your pathway through the English curriculum, talk to a member of the CLE English Course Advice Team.
Email a question to the CLE English Course Advice Team.
Year 1 students must take the English Language Proficiency Assessment.
Some students are granted credit transfer based on evidence of their English proficiency levels.

This diagram shows the usual pathways that students follow through the English curriculum. For a demo, please click here.

SBM SENG SSCI SHSS IPO SCHOOLS English Common Core Courses School-basedEnglish Courses Department-basedEnglish Courses Classes in this proficiency-basedcourse are streamed to maximizelearning effectiveness. Customized courses preparegraduates for professional needs. Discipline-specific materialsare designed for studentsin individual Schools. LANG 1002 LANG 1003 LANG 2030 LANG 2010 LABU 2051 LABU 2052 LANG 2070 LANG 2082 LANG 2083 LABU 2050 LABU 2020 CENG 3910 CENG 3920 CENG 3926 CENG 3927 CENG 4911 CENG 4912 CENG 4913 LANG 4030 LANG 4031 LANG 4032 LANG 4033 LANG 4034 LANG 3010 LANG 3011 LANG 3012 LANG 3013 LANG 3014 LANG 3016 LANG 4012 LANG 4013 LANG 4014 LANG 4016 RMBI 4980 RMBI 4990 LANG 3081 LANG 3070 LANG 4070