Effective Communication in Business

Spring 2019 (3 credits)

Co-ordinator: Delian Gaskell
Delian Gaskell

Co-ordinator: Gloria Kwan
Gloria Kwan

Course Introduction

Welcome to LABU2060. The course aims to activate the language and communication skills you previously acquired in LABU2040 and further extend these skills into a useful communication toolkit targeted towards specific business applications and strategies. You will learn how to communicate effectively to accomplish written and oral tasks in the workplace.

The course is designed and structured to address your learning needs in job-seeking and in your early careers. You will have opportunities to learn and practice how to succeed in business writing, presentations, interviews, meetings, and collaborative assignments with the essential interpersonal communication skills such as active listening, cogent argumentation, and clear expression in writing and speaking. The course also introduces you to strategies for handling the communication challenges which fresh graduates can expect in a culturally diverse work environment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. recognize how communication takes place through different channels and in different directions within an organization;
  2. understand the importance of intercultural communication to career success in a global work environment;
  3. think and analyze business-related issues in a critical manner;
  4. demonstrate competence in selecting, synthesizing and using information to inform discussion and decision-making;
  5. create a positive first impression on the prospective employer with your CV, cover letter and your performance in a job interview;
  6. give effective oral presentations to business audiences to address needs and concerns; influence decisions and choice; and achieve business objectives;
  7. write professional business documents to analyze issues, summarize views and practices, discuss implications; and propose solutions;
  8. demonstrate leadership and team skills in teamwork; and
  9. give and take feedback in a team.