Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students I

Fall 2020 (3 credits)

Character Study

You are required to recognize around 100 most frequently used Chinese characters. The character study in Lang 1120 carries 10%, which is a close book test in Week 13. The test in Week 13 covers all characters from Character Studies 1 to 10 in the book. You are highly suggested to finish the ten studies/exercises on the website before week 12: //

Essay: Chinese Culture

Format: open book; any one issue related to Chinese culture, combined with your own experience
Due date: Friday, Week 12
Weighting: 10%
Length: 1,000 English words excluding bibliography
  1. Some books you can find in UST library
    • Seligman, S. Dealing with the Chinese, New York: Warner Books, 1999
    • Starck, K. The Dragon’s Pupils: a China Odyssey, Iowa State University Press, 1991
    • Dutton, M. (ed.) Streetlife China, Cambridge University Press, 1998
  2. Useful websites

Helpful Tips

There are different ways of writing a paper. If you have no idea where and how to make a start, the following guide may provide some help.

Step 1 Read to collect information. You should read intensively as well as extensively to broaden your knowledge on the subject.
Step 2 Think about a topic. Never start writing without careful thinking or discussing with friends. It is important to know what you are writing and how well you have understood your topic before you start to write.
Step 3 Write out a plan, which helps further in thinking about your topic.
Step 4 Write down your thoughts as they come into your head but keep an eye on your essay plan. Do not stop to edit or do any correction. Just write.
Step 5 Edit your paper. Correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. Read it through to see if you have made your points clear.


In the essay, your own understanding and insights about any aspect of Chinese culture and language are expected. You are encouraged to write about your own travels or cultural experiences on the Chinese Mainland or in Hong Kong.

Quotations from other sources are allowed, but should not be more than 20% of the whole essay; otherwise your essay will be considered plagiaristic and will get no points. All quotations should have references and be indicated in a bibliography.


You are required to provide a bibliography in your essay. Your bibliography should list all the books and articles you have consulted in writing your essay. The bibliography style in your essay can be APA.