Japanese Language and Related Culture

Spring 2018 (3 credits)

Co-ordinator: Koji Shiomi
Koji Shiomi

Co-ordinator: Sony Ip Man Oi
Sony Ip Man Oi

Course Description

This is a one-semester course for learners with no previous knowledge of Japanese. It provides contexts for learners to begin to express themselves in Japanese, both oral and written, while also exploring various aspects of Japanese culture.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students should be able to:

  • gain an introductory insight into another Asian language and culture;
  • develop a sense of confidence when dealing with Japanese-speaking people and Japanese-language materials in their daily lives;
  • understand, make and respond appropriately to everyday conversational enquiries that they might encounter on a visit to a Japanese-speaking country;
  • acquire a sufficiently accurate pronunciation Japanese to be understood by native speakers of the language;
  • understand and produce short texts relating to people’s lives and interests.
  • understand and appreciate aspects of the culture of Japan