Communication for Environmental Management and Technology I

Fall 2018 (2 credits)

Co-ordinator: Delian Gaskell
Delian Gaskell

Course Description

LANG 2082 is a core course of the BSc Program in Environmental Management and Technology. The aim of this course is to enrich students’ knowledge of environmental issues through reading a variety of genres and covering a number of varying themes from climate change, energy, biodiversity, and pollution, as well as to delve into how Human Environmental Interaction influences and impacts these areas. Students will apply their knowledge through various assignments, individual participation, a mid-term examination and a final informative presentation.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge/Content Related:

  1. Develop an appreciation of the history of the environmental movement, and the changes which have come about through it.
  2. Articulate knowledge of the various environmental positions and evaluate each perspective.

Academic Skills/Competencies:

  1. Identify and textual features of specific reading genres such as description, illustration, comparison and contrast, cause and effect and definition.
  2. Identify characteristics of effective presentations, and develop necessary communication skills of articulation, pace, and voice projection.

Other Learning Outcomes:

  1. Collaborate with peers to research group projects and present collective findings.


No textbook will be required. Rather, students will be directed to the University’s Canvas learning system.