Postgraduate English for Engineering Research Studies

Spring 2019 (1 credit)

Course Description

This course aims to help research students in engineering communicate their research effectively. It highlights the characteristics of academic discourse, and provides training in the production of research documents, including abstracts, journal papers and theses. The course also gives extensive practice in the presentation and seminar skills necessary for academic study.

Assessment is 100% coursework on a pass/fail basis.

Objectives and Content Collapse


  • To provide language support for students in order that they might realize their full potential as members of an international academic community.
  • To provide language skills enhancement for academic purposes in order to facilitate the improvement of students’ abilities in the four skills, especially speaking and writing.
  • To help students realize their own individual language learning goals with reference to their academic discipline and/or individual research interests.


  • Academic literacy skills
  • Research writing – Research articles and theses
  • Research presentation skills
  • Seminar skills

Intended Learning Outcomes Collapse

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Apply methods such as summarizing and paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism in their research writing.
  • Identify the organization, conventions and functions of different sections of a research paper or thesis.
  • Structure a research paper or thesis appropriately in line with the accepted norms of the field.
  • Produce a critical review of literature relevant to their research.
  • Explain their research effectively in an oral presentation to a mixed audience.
  • Lead, and actively participate in, academic seminars and contribute to subsequent discussion.
  • Engage in self-assessment, leading to autonomous learning.