Putonghua II for English Speakers

Co-ordinator: Xin Liang
Xin Liang

This course is a continuation of Putonghua I for English Speakers.

Course Information



Building on Putonghua I for English Speakers, the course aims:

  • to further enhance students’ confidence and competence in Putonghua communication through practice with particular emphasis on oral communication involving gradually increasing difficulties in terms of language structure, function and situation; and
  • to help them further develop listening and speaking skills for communicating in Putonghua for social purposes through a wide range of learning activities;


The topics include:

  • making personal comments;
  • making personal comments;
  • talking about personal feelings;
  • talking about past experiences;
  • talking about future plans;
  • talking about various abilities;
  • asking and giving advice; and
  • asking and giving directions.


Courses are usually held in the Spring semester.

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Course Materials

Pronunciation exercises


Chinese Character Study


Students are expected to attend 80% classes, and on meeting the attendance requirement, each participant will be awarded an Attendance Certificate


Co-ordinator: XIN LANG