Business Chinese for MBA students

Business Chinese is a credit bearing elective course designed for UST MBA students of non-Chinese speaking background students.

Course Information

Course Content
Assessment Summary

Course Objectives

The course aims to help students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for effective communication in a wider range of business settings.

  • Understand and engage in conversations in business settings;
  • Develop fluency in business Chinese speaking;
  • Grasp business terms to function effectively in the workplace;
  • Acquire 800+ Chinese vocabulary related to social and business topics;
  • Understand the main points of simple business texts and reports (guidelines, product description, advertisements, program schedule, project summary, complain letters, etc.);
  • Use standard Chinese to write short letters, notes, and brief reports in business settings.

Course Materials

许福吉主编 《今日商务中级(听说)》、《今日商务中级(读写)》