Spanish I, II & III

Co-ordinator: Dr. MARTINEZ, Ana Alías
Dr. MARTINEZ, Ana Alías

Co-ordinator: Salvador Venegas Morales
Salvador Venegas Morales

Course Description

Spanish I targets elementary-level learners. The aim is to introduce learners with no previous knowledge of Spanish, to the Spanish language and culture through practical use of the language, with a particular emphasis on oral communication.

Spanish II and Spanish III target elementary-level non-beginner learners. As with Spanish I, emphasis will be on oral communication but writing will be introduced through a range of exercises.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students should be able to:

  • gain an introductory insight into Spanish language and Spanish culture;
  • develop basic intuitions about Spanish morphology and syntax and learn basic grammar patterns;
  • understand and produce simple messages in Spanish;
  • interact in a social situation with awareness of the pragmatic rules involved;
  • acquire a sufficiently accurate pronunciation and intonation of Spanish to be understood by native speakers of the language;
  • understand and produce short texts about themselves, their family and the world around them;
  • understand and appreciate aspects of the cultures of Spain and Latin America.


Courses are usually held in the Fall and Spring semesters, and Winter and Summer sessions.
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Learners’ progress is assessed through continuous assessment and a final written and oral examination.

Course Materials

Aa.Vv. (2010). Nos Vemos A1. Barcelona: Difusión. Available at the University bookshop.

Supplementary Resources