HKUST networked language commons

The Center for Language Education, HKUST, is actively engaged in exploring Networked Language Learning. In order to develop this engagement and to create a Commons where colleagues working in this field can come together, we plan to create an online Community of Practice (CoP) which will have two components.

The first component will be a CoP network platform which can host discussion forums, documents, videos and other kinds of post – basically a kind of CoP Facebook. As we continue to collaborate, we hope that this will also be a platform for our research projects and materials development groups.

The second component is an online meeting place for the CoP for which we will use software called Zoom. This software allows up to 50 participants to confer, recording and storage of conferences as well as other functions we could use in online meetings.

If you are interested in joining our Commons please contact Nigel Huckstep or Sean McMinn for further information.