Lesson 15 - Making keywords stand out

Any topic will have a number of keywords: e.g., a talk about pollution will probably include references to 'fuels', 'diesel', the 'air pollution index' and 'respiratory diseases'. These are keywords. Possible pronunciation difficulties which could be anticipated are:

i) final consonants, e.g. fuels, diesel, index
ii) the pronunciation of 'respiratory'.

A useful strategy for ensuring that the listener hears such keywords clearly is to make a slight pause just before the keyword and then pronounce it a little more slowly and carefully than other words. Keywords would always be stressed, i.e. said more loudly and at a higher pitch than the other words, to draw attention to them.


Preparing keywords for specific topics

Here is a list of topics. Choose a topic and think about the keywords you would expect to use in a talk about it. Then examine those words for potential pronunciation difficulties. Rehearse them and be prepared to introduce the topic referring to the keywords.

Possible topics

Telecommunications Meccano Computer games
Interactive TV Basketball Pirated software
Brand names Economic slump Holidays
UST facilities Dentists Health


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