Lesson 7 - Linking words together

When a vowel at the beginning of a word follows a final consonant, the two words are run together:

e.g., Is_it_a boy?

If you learn to do this, your English will sound smooth and natural.


Linking endings before vowels

Mark the links between these words as in the example above. Then say them aloud.

1 talk about it
2 move it across
3 pick up a pen
4 fight it out
5 turn it off
6 give it away
7 walk along a road
8 drink it all up


More linking practice

Now mark the links and the stressed syllables in this verse in the same way. How many beats are there in each line?

A: What're you going to talk about?
B: Talk about? Well ...
I'll talk about a problem.
A: What kind of problem?
B: I don't really know.
I have to give it some thought!
A: Think about it?
B: Yes! I'll think about it now.
I'm thinking. Thinking.
I know what to talk about!
I'll talk about a problem!
A: But what kind of problem?
B: I don't really know!


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