Recommended German Text Resources

Course books (for beginners unless otherwise stated)

  • Accelerated Learning German – Student’s book, Video cassette, Video manual, Study guide, Audio cassettes, Word cards & Games

    Arranged in a box file, the materials of this course are a bit difficult to find your way around. The student’s book is divided into 12 “acts” with a strong story-line, and the supplementary materials include word cards for 4 of the “acts”, a video, 12 audio cassettes, 16 “study” and 16 “memory” cassettes, a Language Motivator chart and the Name Game, a misnamed introduction to German/English vocabulary similarities. In English.

  • Alles Gute Video Course – Companion guide & Video cassettes

    The 6 video cassettes contain 26 episodes following the story of Max and Amelie, who play different roles and travel to different parts of Germany together. The companion guide contains exercises and a key, together with a full grammar guide in English. Strongly recommended for beginners as self-study or supplementary material.

  • Fast-Track German – Coursebook & Audio cassettes

    Basically an audio course, the 6 cassettes contain 24 sets of dialogues and exercises while the coursebook provides full transcripts, translations in English and an answer key. Recommended for near beginners as self-study or supplementary material.

  • Get By in German – Coursebook

    BBC paperback-size course for travellers to Germany. 6 short units dealing with everyday situations. In English.

  • Linguaphone German Course – Coursebook, Student handbook, Written exercises, Spoken exerises & Audio cassettes

    The coursebook contains 30 units of dialogues in German with vocabulary exercises, while the handbook explains each unit with grammar and vocabulary notes in English. Very traditional and thorough coverage, recommended for beginners who are looking for an understanding of written German only.

  • Linguaphone German Video – Student’s book, Video cassettes, Video User Guide & Audio cassettes

    Use in conjunction with the video/audio cassettes. New vocabulary is pre-taught and the course prepares the learner for each new situation in English.

  • Moment Mal – Coursebook, Workbook & Audio cassettes

    Organised around 15 themes with pronunciation charts and verb tables at the back, the student’s book contains reading and listening passages and some exercises, while the workbook complements it with further exercises, games, transcripts, a full grammar guide in German and a key. Strongly recommended for beginners to study with the help of a teacher. Check out the course homepage or some themes online at

  • Themen Neu 2 – Coursebook, Workbook & Glossary

    A second-level course for intermediate learners of German. A very traditional text-based approach with explanations and grammar guide in German. Recommended for students with a good basic knowledge who can work by themselves with the German-English glossary to build up their vocabulary and practise grammatical forms.

Reference books

  • German Dictionary

    The Oxford-Duden Concise Dictionary, a classic with over 150,000 words defined.

  • German Dictionary

    Pocket-sized bilingual dictionary including verb tables, noun endings, numbers and the latest spelling changes. In English.

  • German Grammar

    Grammar guide organised according to parts of speech with special sections on word order, numbers, synonyms and common expressions. In English.

  • German Grammar

    Pocket-sized grammar guide organised by parts of speech with many examples. In English.

  • German Verb Tables

    Pocket-sized alphabetical listing of irregular verbs with examples. In English.