Amy Chi joined the Center in 1992 and has been teaching, writing materials and co-ordinating a range of English courses for academic purposes to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines of the university.

The core of her research work is in the area of pedagogical lexicography, underpinning teaching and learning English as a second language. The scope of her research includes EFL learners’ dictionaries, dictionary use training methodology and materials, second language vocabulary acquisition and phraseology. Her other research interests include lexicology, language and culture, history of English and phonetics.

She was invited as Advisor for the compilation of the Macmillan English Dictionary (First edition, 2002), and an external reviewer for Lexikos Journal, Journal of Translation Studies of Chinese University Press and Commercial Press (HK Ltd.). Chi was the founding secretary (1997-1999) and Executive Board member (1999-2011) of ASIALEX– Asia Association for Lexicography. She is currently a member of the Editorial Board of  ‘Lexicography’ (Journal of ASIALEX) published by Springer.

She is a dedicated diurnal and nocturnal hiker.



Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Macquarie University


Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

University of Exeter


Bachelor of Philosophy (English in Education)

University of Birmingham


Certificate in the Phonetics of English

Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University of Hong Kong


Teacher’s Certificate

Grantham College of Education


  • 2009

    Received the Language Center’s (HKUST) “Director’s Commendation” in recognition of meritorious contributions to the teaching of English in the Language Center

  • 2005

    Received the Language Center’s (HKUST) “Outstanding Performance” Award in recognition of contributions to course development

  • 2002

    Received the Language Center’s (HKUST) “Teamwork” (Co-curricular Team) Award

  • 1997

    As Principal Investigator, received a grant from the Action Learning Project funded by UGC of Hong Kong. The project was titled “Writing materials and training students to use dictionaries effectively and efficiently to assist their learning in English”.