I joined the Center for Language Education in 2010. In the Center for Language Education, I teach English language skills-based and content-based courses at undergraduate and graduate degree levels. Since five years ago, I have been mainly working with first-year undergraduate and postgraduate students. In the Fall term (2014), I developed and taught a general elective course “Testing and Assessment” in the MA in International Language Education program and have been teaching it every year.  In the Spring term (2016), I had developed and taught a new course for research postgraduate students in Business and Social Sciences until recently when I moved into teaching research postgraduate students in Science Studies.  In the Fall term (2019), I am working with first-year undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students in Engineering Research Studies.  I thoroughly enjoy working with a diverse student body of different levels. At the same time, I am excited about expanding my teaching repertoire. I look forward to the teaching and learning ahead.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I have worked as a civil servant, organizational communication consultant, corporate human resources trainer, language teacher, and teacher trainer at various settings in Australia, China, Hong Kong, and the United States. I completed my undergraduate degree in History with a focus on international relations from Hong Kong. Subsequently, I undertook postgraduate studies on two  scholarships with stipends in the United States of America where I earned two Master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Communication (Speech Communication). After completing the studies, I returned to Hong Kong and began a language teaching career in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong before undertaking full-time doctoral study on Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) with stipends in Australia.  My completed PhD research in 2005 was in psychology where I investigated the relationship between humour appreciation, sense of humour, personality, and psychological wellbeing among adults across cultures.


BA (History)

Hong Kong Baptist University

Cert (Teaching Putonghua)

Hong Kong University

Cert (TESL)

University of Central Missouri


University of Central Missouri

MA (Communication)

University of Central Missouri

PhD (Psychology)

Monash University