Derek believes that language’s prime purpose is communication. He believes he possesses the appropriate balance between local education and international exposure, giving him the a sound academic basis for his teaching and a thorough understanding of students emerging from the local as well as overseas education systems. Having seen how HKUST students are outstandingly innovative in their ideas, Derek regards his mission as facilitating students to communicate their ideas effectively to the world.

Derek is keen to explore the Flipped Classroom approach to language teaching, which renders opportunities for students to interact and share ideas. Actively involved in the materials development of courses of this kind, Derek is as innovative a material writer as he is an English teacher. Famous speeches, movies, drama, poetry and even legal documents have turned into some well-received English lessons in Derek’s hands.

Active internally, as he is externally, in exploring the field of English teaching, Derek is an assessor for the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority’s Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers and will become a member of the Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics in September 2014.



University of Warwick, United Kingdom