LAM, Levi


Hi, I’m Levi. I’m one of the teachers at the Center for Language Education (CLE). I’ve taught a few courses here, but I primarily focus on LABU and HUMA 1000. I have also recently begun teaching LANG 1003A, and I have also been involved in iLANG advising and the development of language proficiency testing. Each of these responsibilities has proven to be professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling. I continue to learn so much more than I suspect that I teach.

Beyond my formal responsibilities at CLE, I am also very interested in researching how to integrate creative literature most effectively into second language curricula. In particular, I hope to introduce novels, short stories, and even poetry into language classes that could both raise our appreciation for literary criticism as well as our awareness of language forms and usages.


BA in English and Comparative Literature

San Jose State University


San Jose State University