Sean McMinn is a Senior Lecturer in the Center for Language Education at HKUST. He has designed and delivered English MOOCs on two major platforms, Coursera and edX, and teaches Information Technology in Language Teaching, which is part of a Master of Arts in International Language Education (MA-ILE) program. He was nominated for the 2016 UGC Teaching Award and the 2016 Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching. He won the 2016 SHSS Teaching Excellence Award and the Teaching Innovation Award for his work with podcasts and education at HKUST in 2007.



PhD E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (in progress)

Lancaster University, UK

Master of Educational Technology

University of British Columbia, Canada

Master of Arts – English Literature

Carleton University, Canada

Bachelor of Arts – English Literature

Carleton University, Canada

Journalism Diploma

Conestoga College, Canada