Selected Presentations


Breaking Down The Four Walls: Experiences With Mobile Devices Within a TBLT Methodology. 

Presentation TESL Canada 2012, TESL Interiors: Landscapes of Literacies and Language, Kamloops, Canada


Enhancing Interactions with Mobile Devices in Language Classrooms.

Presentation ICT for Language Learning, Florence, Italy


Discuss This: Enriching the Task-Based Cycle in Language Learning with Social Media.

Presentation EDULEARN11 International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies.


Anitmate this: using what’s free to motivate. 

Presentation 6th CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching.


Knowing culture in Second Life: International literacy and the technological know how in a virtual world.

Presentation Proceedings of the 5th international conference on multimedia and information and communication technologies in education, Lisbon, Portugal


Podcasting possibilities: Increasing time and motivation in the language-learning classroom.

Presentation European Institute for E-Learning. Learning Forum, Cambodia.