Melissa has worked in the Center for Language Education since January 1999. She has taught many of the courses offered by the Center. She has also taught the Business School’s, MBA course, Managerial Communication. She loves teaching and feels this is why she consistently gets positive feedback from her students. She was the co-Editor of a book called Reflecting Teaching: Reflection and innovation in language teaching and learning, and adopts reflective practices in order to continue to develop as a teacher. Melissa has written materials for a number of the Center’s courses, including the English Common Core. She has coordinated courses for UG Business students as well as PG Engineers.

Melissa is currently the coordinator of the two biggest courses in the Center – LANG 1002 and 1003. She also teaches on these courses and loves meeting new, interesting Year 1 students every year.

Melissa has been involved in the development of self-access learning materials and activities and has trained others in this area. She has also written and conducted training courses for primary and secondary teachers in Hong Kong on use of a task-based approach, and use of portfolios for learning and assessment. She is interested in taking up further teacher-training opportunities.

Melissa is the Chairperson of BFT Friends of Hong Kong. This society supports the work of the Build Your Future Today Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Melissa and her family visit Cambodia every year and this enables Melissa to oversee the education development programs in the villages that BFT supports.



Masters in Education (TESOL)

University of New England, NSW, Australia


Diploma in Education

University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Bachelor of Arts

University of Sydney, NSW, Australia