LI Po-lung holds a doctorate degree in Education from Hong Kong University. Over the last 35 years he has been teaching English at various levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. His philosophy of education is as follows:

Equipping students with skills and knowledge to keep abreast of social development and to confront ethical problems

Developing a school culture which gives confidence to students and a sense of belonging to teachers and so promoting academic success

Understanding the fundamental principles underlying a positive and innovative learning environment

Creating space for teachers so that they have time to achieve further development, which will help improve their own teaching and, in turn, benefit their students’ learning

Analyzing needs of all the parties involved, including students, teachers and employers

Thinking and encouraging thinking

Inspiring students with enthusiasm for learning and giving them confidence to explore the world

Organizing resources so as to promote empowerment and to encourage initiatives and creativity

Nurturing the seeds of goodwill in students’ hearts


Doctor of Education

Hong Kong University

Master of Education

Hong Kong University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Hong Kong University

Bachelor of Educational Studies

Stirling University