The Executive Committee of the HKUST Toastmasters Club acts as a bridge between its members, the HKUST community, the local Toastmasters community, Toastmasters International and the society to develop a win-win relationship.

Each term of the HKUST Toastmasters Club Executive Committee serves a 6-month period from July – December or January – June.


The Executive Committee

  • Organizes meetings, speech contests and outreach activities for members
  • Manages membership records and documents members’ progress to assist their personal development
  • Helps members apply for educational awards from Toastmasters International
  • Helps members apply for HLTH 1010 hours and financial sponsorship from HKUST


The President

  • Leads the club by setting directions or goals for the club to achieve
  • Opens and presides over every club, business and executive committee meeting
  • Encourages education achievements, builds and maintains membership, attends club officer training and submits required documents


The Vice President of Education

  • Plans and publishes meeting and contest schedule
  • Assists members in their personal education development path by inviting speakers, evaluators and facilitators for meetings
  • Assigns mentors to members upon request


The Vice President of Membership

  • Promotes the club and leads the club’s efforts in increasing membership by conducting membership contest
  • Makes contact with guests, answers inquiries from prospects and encourages them for future visits
  • Processes membership application and arranges a vote and induction ceremony for any joining member


The Vice President of Public Relations

  • Publicizes the club’s activities internally to members and externally to various audiences through various media
  • Keeps club website and Facebook account current
  • Ensures proper usage of the Toastmasters Brand, Trademarks and Copyrights in the club’s promotional materials



  • Maintains all club records, manages club files, handles club correspondence, and takes minutes at each club and executive committee meeting
  • Updates and distributes a roster of current paid membership and keeps the club officer list current



  • Debriefs prospects if they express desire to join the club after they attend meetings
  • Keeps track of total membership in the club for every six-month period
  • Presides in the club with the authority to take up all duties in the absence of the President



  • Tends to club property (club’s banner, gavel, award ribbons and other equipment)
  • Arrives early to prepare the meeting venue and stays late to stow all equipment
  • Maintains the logistical arrangements for business meetings, speech contests and other special club events